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Ines Lechleitner Delhi

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Ines Lechleitner

Ines Lechleitner is an artist based in Berlin.

She studied at the Jan Van Eyck Academy (NL), the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (FR), NSCAD- College for Art and Design Halifax (CA) and the San Francisco Art Institute (USA).

Recent exhibitions include: Table of Contents – First Activations, Saprophyt, Vienna, (AT 2011), Convivio, Centre d’art Contemporain La Micro‘Onde, Velizy (FR 2011), The Hum, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield (GB 2011), Texture, Metro Gallery, Berlin (DE 2010), Habitat, Twenty First/Twenty First Gallery, New York (US 2010), Die Lucky Bush, MUKHA, Antwerp (NL 2008);


For her project Imagine Two Rivers the Austrian artist Ines Lechleitner is developing the Elbe Yamuna Perfume. Part of the research for this perfume includes exchanges about the two rivers with scientists, artists and the visitors of the two connected exhibitions in Hamburg and New Delhi. The visitors in the two locations were invited to contribute their reactions to a short sensory experiment involving water of the two rivers during The Free River Associations. This Performance took place on the veranda of the Hafenlieger Caesar in Hamburg (October 2011) and on the Yamuna Riverbank in New Delhi (November 2011). The Elbe Yamuna Perfume will be presented in spring 2012.
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