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Chronology of projects and events of the Free River Zone in Hamburg

September and Oktober 2011 at Sandtor port / HafenCity Hamburg on the barge Caesar and in the Hamburg area

72 250 DSC03453.jpg

Ines Lechleitner, November 2011 in Delhi

Free River Associations
The second sensory recording studio

72 250 DSC02730.jpg Nana Petzet, 22 October 2011 on the barge Caesar

Demonstration of Nature
Talk by Nana Petzet on the bed of the Yamuna river in Delhi
and her plans for PROJECT Y: A Yamuna-Elbe Public Art and Outreach Project.

72 250 DSC01490.jpg Till Krause

Proposal no. 2 for the execution of the "Free River Zone"

72 250 DSC 5504.jpg 18 - 28 October 2011

Exhibition, curated by Ravi Agarwal.
Ravi Agarwal placed videos and photographs by Ravi Agarwal, Atul Bhalla, Sheba Chhachhi,
and Vivan Sundaram on the Yamuna in the exhibition "Free River Zone".

72 250 DSC01241.jpg On 21 October 2011 on the barge Caesar, talks and a theatre play
Living with Rivers in Germany and in India:
Ecology, Religion and Economy at Elbe, Ganges and Yamuna

72 250 DSC00932.jpg Ines Lechleitner

Free River Associations

The first sensory recording studio


72 250 DSC02359.jpg Navjot Altaf

Empty Containers

72 250 DSC00657.jpg Filip van Dingenen

Intervention on 12 Oct 2011 at the Free River Zone

72 250 Elbe=Yamuna-Expedition.jpg Hille von Seggern and Timm Ohrt

Invitation to an Individual Elbe=Yamuna Expedition in the Elbe Region of Hamburg

72 250 DSC00387.jpg David Brooks

"Pareidolia: When Flags Become Clouds and Clouds Become Fish"
& GFLK Surveys: "Display of flags in the HafenCity (trial)"

72 250 DSC01646.jpg Jochen Lempert

Poster campaign on advertising columns in the city and at the barge Caesar.

72 250 Erweiterung 1.jpg Till Krause

Proposal no. 1 for the execution of the "Free River Zone"

72 250 Bhalla.jpg Atul Bhalla

What will be my defeat?

72 250 DSC00802.jpg
Malte Urbschat

Five flags from the series "8 Flags"

72 250 DSC02670.jpg Anna Möller

No title, 2011 (plywood, varnish / Elbe water, different Indian newspapers)
Architecture for the exhibition "Free River Zone"

72 250 DSC01465.jpg
7 September - 28 October on the barge Caesar

The exhibition "Free River Zone"

72 250 B Freie Flusszone.jpg 1 September 2011

Proclamation of the Free River Zone