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Yamuna Manifesto

Text (Englisch und Hindi) von Manoj Mishra und Himanshu Thakkar.

Mit Beiträgen von Ravi Agarwal, Atul Bhalla, Sheba Chhachhi, Till Krause, Raqs Media Collective und Vivan Sundaram.

Layout: Akshay Singh Rathore

Herausgeber: Ravi Agarwal, Till Krause, Goethe-Institut and Toxics Link, Project Y, New Delhi, 2013

Finanziert und unterstützt vom Goethe Institut, New Delhi

The Yamuna Manifesto

The Yamuna and Elbe rivers came alive with the public art project held in Hamburg and Delhi in October and November 2011. Earlier in December 2010, a multi disciplinary seminar held in New Delhi, had conceptually initiated the project. This book is an outcome of some of the ideas, which emerged. A bilingual publication, combining the views of activists and artists, blurring boundaries between fact and the imaginary, it is an attempt to widen ideas around ecology, to re-territorialize it, and to move beyond binary narratives of catastrophe and untouched nature, to one of multidimensional reframings. With contributions by Manoj Mishra, Himanshu Thakkar, Sheba Chhachhi, Vivan Sundaram, Atul Bhalla, Raqs Media Collective, Till Krause and Ravi Agarwal.

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Table of Contents


Meet The Yamuna - What is a River? - State Of India’s Rivers - Yamuna: The River And The Basin

Section 2

The River That Becomes A Drain - Dams, Barrages and Diversion of Water - Groundwater Extraction - State Of Groundwater In Delhi And Environs - Destruction Of Local Water Systems - Wetlands - Pollution Of Water - Polluted State of the Yamuna River in Delhi - Sources of Pollution - Domestic Pollution - Industrial Pollution - Agricultural Pollution

Section 3

Has the State Been Fiddling? - Constitutional Provisions Under The Constitution of Independent India - Action by the Executive - Yamuna Action Plan - River Yamuna Water Sharing MOU - National River Conservation - Directorate - Impact of Mismanagement of Water in the NCT of Delhi - Wastewater Treatment - Encroachment Over River Bed and the Flood Plain - Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan

Section 4

River is a Victim of Current Idea of Development

Section 5

The Road Ahead - Threats to the Future of Rivers - Is There a Way Forward For River Yamuna? - The Way Forward

Artist Pages

Atul Bhalla: Have you ever seen the Yamuna? Have you ever touched the Yamuna?
Raqs Media Collective: Yaksha Prashna / The Riverbank Episode
Ravi Agarwal: Untitled
Sheba Chhachhi: The Water Diviner
Till Krause: An encounter during a walk along the Yamuna, northwards from Delhi, dec. 2 till dec. 8, 2010
Vivan Sundaram: Flotage on the Yamuna, 2010

Some pages:

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