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The Elbe-Yamuna project in Hamburg would like to thank especially
all contributers and artists,

Ravi Agarwal, our dear friend and partner in Delhi,

Julia Dautel (Ministry of Culture, Hamburg), who initiated and accompanied the project during the whole process,

Merle Plachta, Elisabeth Klocke and Navina Sundaram, who from the beginning helped to bring the project to success,

the Ministry of Culture, Hamburg, who brought the project to the fore and supported it with great confidence and sincerity,

the India Week Hamburg and the Goethe Institute Max Müller Bhavan in Delhi,

Manfred Balzer and the other harbour masters of the Sandtor port (for their friendly support throughout), Papia Oda Bandyopadhyay (for paying us visits and help with the custody and behind the bar), Eva Denczek (for quick help), Druckerei Priess Hamburg Reinbek and the team of the print shop (for their accuracy with the most extravagant printed matters and for their relentless production of the difficult "Empty Containers"), Joachim Düsing (for his support and his composure), Regina Dube (for her support and her help with the lecture evening), Günther Dupuis (for his company and his practical help), Andreas Eschment (for his spontanuous help with the installation of the exhibition), Johannes Freudewald (for public relations during the India Week), Boris Füting (for his continuous help and many hours of joint brainstorming), Dr. Nikolas Hill (for the opening speeches and the nice evenings spent together), Birte Hinrichsen (for the trip and her sympathy), Henriette Hintelmann (for her patience and her support), Boris Hochfeld (for his consultance), Florian Hüttner (for his help with the website), Christian Hüwing (for his advice regarding flood and storm), Joachim Kaiser (for his support), Angela Kalenbach (for her continuous support and advice regarding public relations), Anja Kalenbach (for the car), Tobias Kaspar (for his thoughtfulness and his indulgence), Annette Ketterer (for her great collaboration and her tirelessness during the preparation of the printrun), Johanna König (for her visits, cake, car and assistence with Ines Lechleitner’s performance), Mandy Joane Sheer (for the graphic design and other support), Dr. Gerd Langhein (for his manyfold support), Robin Mallick (for his most diverse support), Günter Miehlich (for the great guided tour), Helge Mundt (for the photographs with Atul Bhalla), Peter Niemann (for the guided tour in the flood control tower Altenwerder), Prof. Dr. Tatiana Oranskaia (for inspiration and connections), Roland Pape (for his consultation), Bianca Penzlien / HafenCity Hamburg GmbH (for her openness and support), Andreas Petersen (for his tips), Torsten Rademaker (for the guided tour in the flood control tower St. Pauli), Beatriz Esteve Y Ratsch (for her spontanuous help with the installation of the exhibition), Anne-Kathrin Reinberg (for her support and her confidence), Johann Rieche (for his company, wind wheel advice, manyfold help, and the boat), Ute Schmiedel (for her ceaseless support), Wiebke Schmiedel (for rescue in between times), Rainer Schönbeck (for his consultation), Hille von Seggern und Timm Ohrt (for nice meetings, interaction and for their contributions), Antje Stockmann (for exchange, help, joint evenings on the barge Caesar and for future ideas), Axel Sylvester (for the technical arrangement of the website), Klaus-Thorsten Tegge (for his subtle ideas), Swantje Timm (for information about freight containers and for the W.), Barbara Uppenkamp (for the English translation of the website), Verena Vollertsen (for the nice collaboration), Mark Wehrmann (for his most diverse support), Ralf Weißleder (for his help and his indulgence), Matthias Wild (for his spontanuous help),

the Anne Marie and Sören Mygind Collection for the work by Nils Norman and the Harlem River Duck Boat by Bob Braine,

the association HHLV e.V. Dieter Krüger, Jan Peters, Chrisitine Röthig, Angelika Rubinck, Thomas Rubinck, Jan Schoppe for the barge Caesar, all our conversations, their enthusiasm and support both on the large and small scale,

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We thank those supporters, who backed particular art projects:

the Norddeutschen Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung and Bingo / the environmental lottery for supporting the project Nuphar by Jochen Lempert
72 180 nue.jpg      72 bingo.jpg

Stoffhandel Gädtke Hamburg-Eilbek, for a gentle meeting and ample support of the poster workshop of the Free River Zone
Stoffhandel gaedtke 2.jpg

the Papier Union for their substantial support of the project "Empty Containers" by Navjot Altaf

180 PU.jpg

for hoisting the flags by David Brooks at their flag poles:

Lr logo.png         180 TW.jpg       72 180 GRIGermany.jpg         150 180 damp.jpg

150 180 Roehlig.jpg            180 image001.jpg            150 180 regus.jpg

and for excellent coffee:

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