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Ines Lechleitner

Free River Associations

Sensory recording studios in Hamburg and Delhi

a) The first sensory recording studio, Hamburg, October 2011

Call for participatation!  October 18 on the barge Caesar

300 1000 Duftstudio Handzettel Ton.jpg
Ines Lechleitner: Flyer for the sensory reording studio

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72 1000 River Associations 1.jpg

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72 1000 DSC00932.jpg

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Photographs of the aroma studio: Ines Lechleitner and Johanna König

With many thanks to Johanna König for her assistence in the aroma studio.

b) The second sensory recording studio, Delhi, November 2011

72 1000 C03159.jpg72 1000 Duftstudio Delhi.jpg72 1000 DSC03342.jpg
Photographs of the sensory recording studio in Delhi: Nina Kalenbach und Till Krause

Results of the conversations in the aroma studio will have some influence in the designing of the perfume, which is planned to be accomplished in 2012.

If you would like to be informed about the completion of the perfume, please send an e-mail to

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